Top 10 Tips for Planning Your Engagement Session Outfits

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Hello friends! We’ve heard from a lot of our couples that planning what to wear for their engagement session is one of the most stressful aspects of their wedding planning. That makes our hearts sad because we want every part of your wedding to be as fun as possible! In looking at articles online that boasted having “tips” they turned out to give terrible advice. We can’t let that fly so we’ve put together this guide with our Top 10 Tips for planning your engagement session outfits. We hope it helps!

1. When selecting outfits, be sure you choose outfits that feel like an elevated version of you. If you’re strictly a jeans and t-shirt couple, wear nice jeans, a nicer blouse, and maybe a pair of heels to elevate the look. You want to be comfortable in your outfits, even your dressy outfits.

2. We suggest opting for more form fitting styles rather than a loose fit. One tip is to look at yourself from all angles in your outfits because your photos will be taken from all sides.

3. For variety in your images, choose 2-4 outfits for your session. We recommend at least one casual and one dressier outfit. For the ladies casual outfit, think dressy jeans, heels, and a nice top, something you’d wear for a date night. For the guys casual outfit, think of nice jeans, and a button up. When considering what to wear for your dressy outfit for the ladies consider a summer or cocktail dress, and for the guys think of slacks or khakis and a great shirt possibly with a jacket and great shoes!

4. Make sure your clothes are ironed and free of lint. That may sound silly but it makes a big difference.

5. Be sure to wear shoes that fit well. You’ll be moving a lot for your photos and you want to be able to move easily. If you opt for heels, be sure to bring some flats you can walk in for going from one location to another.

6. Hair, makeup, and nails shouldn’t be overlooked. For both of you, make sure your nails are neat and clean. Some of our brides choose to do their wedding hair and makeup trial the day of their session to have professional hair and makeup done. This isn’t required of course, but it is an option. If you opt not to have professional hair and makeup, just make sure to wear your hair as you would for a date night. We generally suggest having your hair down or half down.

7. In choosing outfits, be sure to choose items that compliment each other but nothing that’s matchy-matchy. We are fans of color so don’t be afraid to have color! Stay away from anything too neon, but otherwise color is great. It’s usually great if one of you is in something colorful and the other is in something more neutral like a navy or black. Navy blue goes with almost any color. Black is also very classy especially if you want some evening photos.

8. Accessories are the key for pulling an outfit together! Be sure to wear earrings if your ears are pierced. Watches, bracelets, belts, great shoes, all of it pulls an outfit together and elevates it. Jackets are also great layering pieces or good for adding a little variety in a single look.

9. Opt for classic styles over trendy looks. You want to look back on these photos in 20 years and still love them.

10. Be sure to dress for the season. If your session is taking place in the fall, don’t wear a spring or summer dress. And if your session is taking place in the summer, you don’t want to wear a sweater dress. You want to feel that your outfits fit the season.

We hope all of those tips are helpful for you! Remember you can always reach out to us if you have any questions about the outfits you’re planning to wear. We’re happy to help!


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