The day after Samm and Ben went on their first date, Samm’s grandfather passed away. She was heartbroken. Being that their relationship was brand new, she didn’t expect Ben to be there for her. But she was absolutely wrong. Ben knew right away that Samm was the one for him so when she was upset, […]

Before we ever talked to Rachael and Zach, I got a call from our wedding coordinator friend Maggie at Eagle Ridge. She said “Cathy, I just met with this couple that would be PERFECT for you guys!” She went on to tell me that they love Harry Potter, they have two dogs who they adore, […]

Simone and I (Cathy) have been friends since going to college together at Bradley University in Peoria. Just a few years after starting UnPosed I started taking photos of her daughter Bella. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been taking pictures of Bella since she was just a few months old and now she’s becoming […]

When Rebekah and I first talked on the phone, I immediately loved her enthusiasm and her excitement for her wedding day! She talked about how sweet and kind and perfect Brady was and how she can’t wait to marry him. She talked about some unique aspects they were hoping to have for their day and […]

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