It’s babies all around for our UnPosed Couples and we couldn’t be happier about it! Miss Audra’s mom and dad had one of the prettiest weddings at Eagle Ridge just a few years ago. I still remember her mom’s wedding dress because it was so something I would have worn! I also adored their engagement […]

Oh my heart! We get to work with some of the sweetest families and today is no exception. If you’ve been around here, you are super familiar with Jess and Megan. They’re one of our incredible UnPosed Couples and now (through the magic of science and Jess being an utter rockstar), they have a SON!!!! […]

Ready for your heart to melt? I mean seriously, this little girl has woven her way into our hearts over the year we’ve been taking photos of her. She was the sweetest little newborn, a smiley adorable 3 month old, and now you get to see her sitting up session and her one year session! […]

Jameson is such a cutie and his 3 month session was beyond sweet! We set up the sweetest little Christmas themed set and his parents had adorable holiday outfits for him and his sister. From Jameson posing with milk and cookies for Santa to his older sister stealing Santa’s milk and cookies it was silly […]

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