The UnPosed Best of 2015!!!!

Yay! Yay! Yay!  You’re all here which means hopefully you’ve been following along this week and know that today is the day we’ve got a super fun announcement for you!  Today is the start of our UnPosed Best of 2015 posts!!!  Over the next 3 weeks you’ll get to see what we consider to be the best photos we took throughout the year in a variety of categories (we usually post Monday, Wednesday, Friday).  One of our favorite things to do at the end of every year is to go over all the shoots we did and assess how we think we did, which areas we grew in, and what areas we want to focus on improving in the coming year.  While we’re doing that, we pick our favorites from each category to showcase on the blog.

So, that brings us to today!  We’re starting our Best Of 2015 with something totally zany and fun!  It’s UnPosed selfie day!!!!UnPosed Photography Galena IL


This year we tried (and totally failed) to take a selfie with each of our couples.  I say we failed because holy heck did we fail at this!  First, we didn’t get the idea of doing this for every wedding until about halfway through the season.  Piece of advice for all of you, if you’re going to have a genius idea about taking specific photos that’ll take a year to accomplish, it’s best to come up with the idea BEFORE your first shoot of the year  🙂  UnPosed Photography Galena IL UnPosed Photography Galena IL UnPosed Photography Galena IL

Secondly, even after we had the idea, we would get going with a wedding day and completely forget to take the selfie before we headed out!   🙁    After a 10-12 hour day, sometimes you’re just tired and try as we might, we just forget some things.  UnPosed Photography Galena IL UnPosed Photography Galena IL

That said, these few selfies we shared here today make our hearts so happy and totally crack us up!  We have the most INCREDIBLE couples and love getting pictures with them!

So there you go!  Welcome to the Best of UnPosed 2015!  We cannot wait to show you more!


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