S.W.A.T River Tour-Mississipi Style!

Every once in awhile I’m reminded to just say yes when an opportunity knocks at your door. So often we find ourselves bogged down in the work of owning and running a business and forget to just say “YES!” when something totally out of the ordinary comes up. Yesterday, I totally said YES and had a blast!!!

We were photographing and doing some video at The Farmer’s Guest House (one of our FAVORITE B&B’s in Galena) and the owner, Susan, told me about this Mississippi river tour they were going on later in the day. I asked a couple of questions and before you know it, she asked if I wanted to come along on the 2nd tour! Seeing as my to-do list feels like it is ever growing, I was hesitant, but hey-why the heck not? So I ran home, got some quick things done and then hopped in the van with Susan, her hubby Don and another B&B owner (Carol) to cross the river over to Dubuque and take my first tour on the Mississippi!

We arrived at the docks just as the first tour was returning.  All of the attendees (other than myself) own B&B’s in Galena and I knew most of them.  I snapped a few pics of the whole group and then our group piled in.  Let me tell you-it was SO FUN!!!  These are Adventure Boats and they are fast!  We zipped along from site to site all the while wearing headsets so our captain could tell us the history of the things we were seeing.

Mississippi River Tour Dubuque

Bed and Breakfast Galena IL
Farmers Guest House Galena IL

SWAT River Tour

I have to thank Wendy from Hawk Valley Retreat for snapping this pic of me  🙂


Dubuque Iowa UnPosed Photography

So the next time you’re in or near Galena, or you live here and are looking for a fun thing to do, check out S.W.A.T River Tours.  I guarantee that you will LOVE your experience!!!!!  And hey-even if the thought scares you a little, take a chance, say YES and give it a try!  



UnPosed Photography Galena


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