Maci Turns 5!

It’s hard to believe that our niece turned 5 just a few short weeks ago.  In the 5 years she has been on this earth she has brought more laughs, smiles, and giggle fits to everyone she meets than we all could have ever dreamed possible.   She is crazy smart, incredibly sassy (which I love about her), fiercely independent, and straight up adorable.  She’s the kind of girl that makes everyone grin from ear to ear when she walks in the room.   She can make you irritated by her stubbornness one second, make you laugh out loud when she bats her eyelashes at you the next second, and follow that with the sweetest hug and “I love you” that will melt your heart the next second.

The day after her birthday party we went out for a little photo session to commemorate her birthday.  These photos are some of my favorites we’ve ever taken of her!  I mean, look at that pro princess-style dress twirl!!!!

So. Much. Sass.  

And then there’s that smile that makes you melt!!!!  Goodness this girl!   After most of the “regular pictures” were done, we let her just play in the park and have fun with Patrick and Rachel.  She’s the luckiest girl ever to get these two as her mom and dad!  They are so great with her and together they are incredible parents.  They’ve done a really amazing job at raising a truly wonderful little girl.  

Miss Maci, words can’t describe how very much you are loved!  We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you!

-aunt cathy & uncle jeff-

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