How to Have A Fantastic Engagement Session

…even if your fiancé thinks he hates photos!

We hear it all the time.  “I don’t think we’ll be able to get good photos because my fiancé hates having his picture taken.  Or “We decided we don’t need engagement photos because we’re both not very photogenic.”

So, with those comments in mind.  Here are some tips for how to get amazing engagement photos!

1-First things first.  Choose a photographer that you trust COMPLETELY.  It all starts with having the right people behind the camera.  Make sure you interview your photographers and love everything about them.  Be sure that you really “click” with them (pun totally intended).  You want these photos to be a reflection of the love you share at this time in your lives together.  In order to get those amazing photos, you have to trust the person taking the photos.

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2-Trust your photographer to help you with the details.  They’ll know the right time of day to photograph you.  They’ll know the styles of outfits you should wear to look your best.  They’ll know the specific locations to go to in order to get the best photos possible.  This is one part of the planning process you don’t have to do all alone so lean on your photographer and trust what they tell you.

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3-The night before your engagement session, have a date night.  Try to talk through the things that brought you together in the first place and the reasons you want to marry each other.  Keep those thoughts in your mind throughout the day of your session.  Those loving feelings will show in your images and your emotions toward each other will be much more real.

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4-Relax and have fun together.  I know it can be super hard to relax in front of a camera, but try to do all you can to breathe and just enjoy the time you two are having together.  Our couples often joke that they haven’t looked at each other or kissed as much as they do during their engagement session.  That’s totally okay!  Embrace the moments you have together and this time that is focused just on you two.

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5-Wear clothes you feel comfortable and confident in!  If you feel totally unlike yourself, that will show through in your photos.

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6-When choosing locations or things to incorporate into your photos, try to choose things that mean a lot to you as a couple.  Maybe that’s your favorite restaurant, your favorite part of the city, a glass of wine shared between the two of you or even your “furry kids”.  The more you can incorporate that shows off who you are in your relationship right now, the better.

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We hope these tips help you have an incredible engagement session full of love and fun!

love, c & j

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