Galena Wedding Photography Best of Couple’s Photos 2014

Today’s post features some incredible photos with beautiful couples, stunning locations and lots and lots of love.  Throughout the year of 2014 we had so many incredible couples.  We heard love stories that would make your heart melt.  Stories of love at first sight, or love that grew over time from a simple friendship.  We had couples who met when they were incredibly young, and couples who met after they had almost given up hope of finding their true love.

Kristina Ben Wed 345

In every single situation, the overwhelming theme we saw in our couples this year was support and friendship.  What each of our couples shared was a belief in each other and and an understanding that in order for their future marriage to last they had to support each other and think of each other as friends first.  We are beyond blessed.  Our couples really seem to “get it” when it comes to how to work at a marriage and we are lucky to learn more about love every single day just by sharing life with each of them.  When we say that we love our couples, that is not an understatement.  We become very close with our couples and value them so much!  It’s hard for us when a wedding is over because sometimes that’s the last time we get to see some of these incredible couples.  And for some of them, us photographing their wedding is just the start of a friendship that lasts a long time afterward.

Ashley Jordan Wedding 603Ashley Josh Wed 387Beth Derek Wedding 573Madeline Ryan Wed 447Ashley Jordan Wedding 102 Holly Chris Wed 627Lucas Lyndi Wed 221Ashley Jordan Wedding 114 Ashley Jordan Wedding 602Beth Derek Wedding 315Emily Derek Wed 096 Evan Annalise Wed 280 Ginny-Sof-Wed-541Jess Tyler Wed 094 Jess Tyler Wed 583 Kali Kyle Wed 422 Kelly Brad Wed 079Kristina Ben Wed 624Krystal Chris Wed 114 Lisa Marty Wed 565Lucas Lyndi Wed 352 Kelly Brad Wed 112Madeline Ryan Wed 439Margie Anthony Wed 698 Megan Sean Wed 276 Meredith Phil Wed 172 Rylynn Jeff Wed-698 Shannon CJ Wedding 443-cathy & jeff-

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