Galena Wedding Photography Best of 2014 Engagements

One of our favorite parts of working out our couples are doing engagement sessions.  We consider engagement sessions to be so important because they get you used to working with us, being in front of the camera and give you a few dedicated hours where you don’t have to worry about anything about being madly in love with each other  🙂   We have couples that choose locations that are meaningful to them or couples that don’t care where the photos are as long as they get to have fun together.  In 2014 we did engagement sessions all around the Chicago area, multiple locations in Galena, on college campuses, on lakefronts, at private farmsteads, in beautiful parks and in our couple’s homes.  We had couples include their pets or blankets made by family members.  Their outfit styles ranged from classy dresses and sport coats to sunglasses and shorts to camouflage and everything in between.  But the one thing every single couple of ours had in common is that they fully embraced the experience, relaxed and just had fun together! 

Megan Sean Engagement 46


Ali Travis Engagement 076 Ali Travis Engagement 108 Ashley Alex Engage 043 Ashley Alex Engage 109 Ashley Jordan14 Ashley Jordan72 Beth Derek Engagement 24 Brittany DeVontae Engage 11 Brittany DeVontae Engage 38 Brittany DeVontae Engage 61 Emily Jeff Engage 66 Emily Jeff Engage 97 Heather Jason Engagement 72 Jen Jesper Engage 23 Jen Jesper Engage 24 Jen Jesper Engage 31 Jenna Kyle Engagement 10 Jenna Kyle Engagement 13 Jenna Kyle Engagement 23 Jenna Kyle Engagement 43 Kalli Kyle 033 Kalli Kyle 057 Kalli Kyle 117 Kelly Brad 26 Kelly Brandon Engage 019 Kelly Brandon Engage 028 Kelly Brandon Engage 099 Kelly-Brad-81 Lana Cody 21 Lana Cody 37 Lana Cody 46 Lana Cody 73 Lindi Lucas 23 Lindi Lucas 44 Madeline Ryan Engage 60 Madeline Ryan Engage 82 Margie Anthony Engage 04 Margie Anthony Engage 25 Margie Anthony Engage 69 Megan Sean Engagement 09 Megan Sean Engagement 14Shannon Dan Engagement 21 Shannon Dan Engagement 42 Unposed Shutterfest 34

-cathy & jeff-

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