About Us

He’s a country boy at heart. I’m a total city girl in mine! He drives a big blue pickup truck with fake mud splatters. I drive a very practical little Mazda 6. He starts every day with a can of Coke. I start mine with a big mug of coffee with cream & sugar. His idea of fun is a hike or bike ride on some crazy trail. Mine is shopping or sitting in the sun reading a great book. He loves chicken wings or a burger. I’ll take a salad or sushi any day. Together we are dreamers & doers. We love music of any kind from indie to country to whatever the newest song is on the radio, but we well turn up the volume & sing crazy loud if its a song from the late 90’s & early 2000’s. Our favorite thing to do together is to go to concerts. Anytime. Anywhere. We have been known to slow dance in our kitchen & sometimes in the middle of department stores. We cook together. We love trying new things & seeing new places. We hold hands all the time.[/ezcol_2third][ezcol_1third_end]07_08_14_cathy_and_jeff_engagement_0112
We have two cats & a dog that we treat like our children. We love sipping great wine & really great food. Our favorite movies are romantic comedies or epic adventures. We end every fight with a kiss, a hug & a reassurance that were in this together no matter what. We know that every relationship isn’t perfect all the time, but if it’s worth having then it’s worth really fighting for each other ever day. We believe in big dreams. We believe in love coming from unexpected places. And we believe that every single thing happens for a reason. If we sound like the kind of people you’d like to have around taking photos for you, get in touch through our contact form & let’s find a time to meet up for some drinks, a coffee, or a bite to eat. We can’t wait to meet you!!! -cathy & jeff-

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