April and Ronnie { A Beachfront Wedding in Jamaica }

Yes!!!!!  I have been so excited knowing this wedding was up next to share with you!!!!  This is such a fun post to create and story to tell you about!

We first met April at the Galena Bridal Show two February’s ago.  She came up to us asking if we would be open to traveling for weddings.  Of course we are ALL about that so we said yes and asked where she was thinking of going.  When she told us they were having a beachfront wedding in Jamaica it took every ounce of me not to totally freak out and beg her to hire us!  We set up a time to meet to talk more and after the meeting I knew I loved her and her fiancé so much and would be heartbroken if they didn’t choose us.  But they DID choose us and we are so glad they did!  Getting to know April and Ronnie over the past year and a few months has been amazing.  They are kind, funny, and truly adore each other.

Part of traveling for weddings is that we arrive a day or two before the wedding is supposed to take place.  This gives us plenty of time to get our bearings around where we’ll be and to start coming up with ideas for photos.  We arrived the afternoon before their rehearsal day so that meant we had a full day and a half to scope things out and get a lay of the land.

The first full day in Jamaica we hung out near the pool for a bit and got to take photos of some of the craziness happening.  There were 56 guests in Jamaica for April and Ronnie’s wedding so we had a huge group of us!

Jeff and I took time to explore the property and get some photos of the grounds.  This resort was STUNNING!

I loved these shots Jeff caught of April’s sister and niece.  The image on the right captures a special moment; it was the first time April’s niece put her toes in the ocean.  It just melts my heart!  

The second night we were on the property April and Ronnie had a little cocktail gathering for their guests.  Ronnie was in his true hilarious form and keeping us all laughing!

And then, it was WEDDING DAY!!!  Ronnie started his day playing volleyball with a bunch of the guests while April got her hair done at the salon on the property.

April’s sisters and mom helped her get in her beautiful dress while Ronnie got ready in his parent’s room.

Okay, these bowties are so amazing!!! They are wooden bowties engraved with the Chicago skyline!!!  How awesome is that?!?!   April was so excited to see Ronnie and both of them were very emotional for their first look.  It was such a sweet moment!   I’m just going to throw it out there for anyone that wants to take us to a location where we get to photograph a cute couple with palm trees-we are totally on board!!!!   As everyone gathered for wedding party photos, April and Ronnie took a break for a cocktail.  They gave these steel cups to every guest that came to the wedding and they are my favorite cups we own now!   April was melting with her hair down so I stepped in and did a little pinning magic to get the hair off her neck while Ronnie helped his guys get their ties on.   These ladies were fierce!!!  We loved these girls so much!!!! And of course the guys weren’t too bad either!  😉   We stole a few moments with April’s nieces before the ceremony began.  These three girls love their Aunt April so much!  Pretty fantastic looking group!   Ronnie couldn’t wait for April to walk down that aisle.  Both of them were so happy to be getting married!   Happy tears are the best tears and there were a lot of happy tears that day.   Proof that Jeff and I were actually there!
This is a photo of all the family and friends that came to celebrate April and Ronnie.  Such a fun group!!!!! The sunsets in Jamaica were to die for!!!
April and Ronnie had a small dinner with just a few of their guests, then they gathered everyone together again for a bonfire on the beach where they cut cake, danced on the beach, drank a lot of cocktails, and basically just had a wonderful time celebrating their new marriage.  

After all the fun Jeff and I were glad we chose to stay on the property a couple of extra days.  It was so beautiful and so fun!  We truly loved this experience and it solidified our belief that traveling while photographing our couples is something we truly love to do! 

Until next time Jamaica!  You were good to us!  


P.S. Those amazing bowties are from Two Guys Bowties and we’ve had two of our couples use them now!  Check out Stacy and Doug’s wedding where we saw them for the first time!

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